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The Alcoholic’s 12-Step Program Made Clear

With Answer Key, Formats & Handouts

Kathleen S.
edited by Bruce D.

12 Steps Made Clear

Below is an excerpt from The Alcoholics 12-Step Program Made Clear
This book thoroughly covers the 12 Steps and explains them in a relevant and easy to understand manner.
step one

The Alcoholic's 12-Step Program Made Clear includes an answer key for the exercises. The questions and answers are all from the Big Book and Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions. These exercises and the answer key are designed for easy scoring in a group counseling setting or classes run for court-ordered diversion clients.

This exceptional, instructional, easy to follow helpful book can only be viewed and/or printed online with a user name and password.

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This book costs $12.99. You can buy it from Amazon by clicking this link: The Alocoholic's 12-Step Program Made Clear: With Answer Key, Formats & Handouts